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Chainmail-Coif zink

Chainmail-Coif zink
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Price: £62.00 £37.00
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Model: CM-D001
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Chain Coif-zink


A chainmail coif is a traditional type of head covering that when, worn, protects the almost all angles of the head, as well as the neck and the shoulders; only the face is left uncovered. Obviously, the head is an important part of the anatomy, which is why we offers such a variety of chainmail coifs. Anything but simple armor, we offer a number of coifs, all of which feature different options which ensure that we have the head protection that will adequately defend your cranium. Like almost all of our chainmail armor, our coifs are available in three linkage types: butted, riveted, and flattened. They're also available in several different types of materials; ranging from steel to aluminum, the material your coif is made up from will help determine how functional it truly is. A chainmail coif can be worn alone, or it can be combined with a helmet to provide a double dose of protection. If you're a knight, fighter, or warrior who understands that to lose one's head is to lose the battle literally, in this case then don't ride into battle with the protection of one of our chainmail coifs.


  • Butted Chainmail
  • 9 mm Ring
  • Approx 1.5 KG
  • Iron steel ring
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Chainmail-Coif zink
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