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Medieval-Sabatons Medieval-Sabatons
£85.00 £69.00  
Antique-Iron-Handcuffs Antique-Iron-Handcuffs
£49.00 £29.00  
Wooden-Helmet-Stand Wooden-Helmet-Stand
Norman-Nasal-Helmet Norman-Nasal-Helmet
£85.00 £65.00  
Knight-Templar-Helmet Knight-Templar-Helmet
£98.00 £69.00  
Medieval-Knight-Gauntlet Medieval-Knight-Gauntlet
£94.00 £79.00  
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Welcome to our armory! Back in the medieval days before guns and high velocity projectile weapons, knights used armor to protect their well being from the harm of a blade or incoming arrows. We are proud to offer you armor made to replicate those of olden times from all over the world. Most of our armor is fully wearable and fully functional. We carry many types of armor which includes high quality Chainmail, gauntlets, greaves, and can even special order fully wearble suits of armor.